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A Female teacher used her high heels to kick the students

In the video, a white shirt, black skirt female teacher standing barefoot on the playground, with the hands of the high heels beat the hands of seven or eight students. One of the boys could not cry, did not reach out. The teacher saw the body, kicked his body, and said: “Do not want to beat you why do not listen?

Here need to pay attention, “do not listen to it will be beaten,” who is the rule of this set, why not obedient to be beaten? Obviously, this is only the teacher’s emotional expression, because the day before yesterday to sleep to speak, the second day of corporal punishment of students, the teacher did too much fire.

Students with a good group of obedient are not capable, because these students themselves have a strong self-discipline, but with a group of naughty students to highlight the teacher’s education level. Education, education and education is synchronized, teach teachers to highlight the level of knowledge, education can reflect the teacher’s professional quality. Of course, we can not expect all the teachers to have very high education skills, but for the poor punishments we are scoffed.

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