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A Woman took off her shoes at the mall

Ms. Liu in a shopping mall in Hanyang, bought a pair of 7 cm high new high heels, wearing a new shoe under the elevator, the heel stuck in the escalator stairs in the groove. Fortunately, Ms. Liu Jizhongshengzhi, immediately pulled his feet from the shoes, out of the escalator; peer friends also quickly press the escalator on the “emergency stop button”, the elevator immediately stop running. Maintenance personnel to the scene, the closure of the elevator and let the escalator, only 7 cm high high heels took out. At this point, involved in the comb plate high heels heel has been destroyed, but the upper intact. The whole process is less than 3 minutes, after which the elevator returns to normal.

Wuhan City, a senior engineer Chen Zheng reminded the public, according to regulations, escalator cascade cave width, should not be less than 5mm, nor should be greater than 7mm, the depth should not be less than 10mm. When the passengers take the elevator, please stand in the yellow security warning line frame, do not step on the two cascade of the junction, so as not to fall; do not shoes or clothing, touch the lower part of the metal fence skateboard, Cause personal injury; do not turn the guards, umbrellas or high heels and other cutting-edge, intentionally or unintentionally inserted into the cracks in the edge of the runway or cascade pedal groove, so as not to damage the elevator, causing personal accidental injury.

The occurrence of passengers fall or fingers, heel was folder, should immediately press the red “emergency stop button”, so as to avoid greater harm. Under normal circumstances do not press this button to prevent the elevator sudden stop, which led to passengers due to inertia and fall.

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