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Be careful to take escalator wearing high heels

Wear a heel too thin too high heels to take the elevator to be careful. Yesterday, the City Bureau of Quality Supervision issued a special reminder.

On Saturday, Ms. Liu in the mall to buy double 7 cm high new heels. When she was wearing a new shoe under the lift, the heel accidentally stuck in the escalator pedal of the groove, Ms. Liu immediately pull the foot from the shoes, fortunately did not cause adverse consequences.

Wuhan City Special Inspection Institute senior engineer Chen Zheng reminded passengers to take the elevator, to stand in the yellow security warning wireframe, do not step on the junction of the two steps to avoid falling; do not shoes or clothing, touched the metal fence Do not put crutches, umbrellas or high heels and other cutting-edge, intentionally or unintentionally inserted into the cracks in the edge of the runway or cascade pedal groove, so as not to damage the elevator, resulting in personal accidental injury.

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