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Cleaners hurt her feet because of wearing high heels

Ms. Zhang is a cleaning company’s cleaning staff, usually love to wear high heels in a job she accidentally fell to injury. Court of First Instance ruling to support the appeal of Ms. Zhang. Cleaning company refused to accept, appeal to the city a hospital, recently, the city a secondary school to maintain the original trial.

April 24, 2015 afternoon, Ms. Zhang during work wearing high heels accidentally slipped injured. The hospital was diagnosed as the right distal radius fracture. April 27, Ms. Zhang will be informed of their injury to the cleaning company, and the company claims medical expenses, nutrition costs and other expenses. Because the company refused to pay Ms. Zhang asked the compensation costs, Ms. Zhang then the company sued the court, seeking compensation for medical expenses, disability compensation, a total of 14 million yuan.

Cleaning company that, Ms. Zhang falls in the scope of its work, and the incident when Ms. Zhang wearing high heels to work, contrary to company regulations. In addition, Ms. Zhang was injured when not informed the company, but afterwards to the company claims, and therefore do not agree with their claims.

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