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Does wearing high heels help to have slender legs???

Women have always favored high heels, because wearing high heels can not only increase the height, elongated legs, more importantly, can increase the feminine and temptation. Often wearing high heels of women’s legs are very few fat, their legs are slender and slender, and rich curves of the United States. To the strength of the thigh, the thigh gently lift the calf forward to take the pace.

Remember that the thighs must be lifted, though only slightly raised, but this can make the body’s center of gravity up, rather than let the focus on the lower body of the footsteps. This step will not be heavy tired, but simply light. Because often wearing high heels, can effectively reduce the excess fat in the legs, to prevent the regeneration of excess fat in the legs, and can tighten the leg muscles, so that the legs more slender and more compact.

Height of 4 ~ 6cm height is accepted by most women, but also the most extensive audience. Harvard University health experts found that wearing 4 ~ 6cm high heels help women lose weight stovepipe, because this high heels can effectively promote the abdomen and leg fat consumption and metabolism, so that the abdomen flat, slender legs.

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