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High heels is not a must-have for philippine female employees now

Philippine government ministry of labor issued a new ban on the 24th entry into force: all enterprises shall not be forced to require female employees to wear high heels to work. A worker organization in the Philippines welcomed the ban on the 25th, saying it would help women in the workplace beat sex discrimination and pain.

The ban stipulates that the employer should allow female employees to wear practical and comfortable shoes, shall not be forced to require women to wear heels higher than 2.54 cm above the high heels.

Philippine Federation of Trade Unions commented on the 25th, the ban so that female employees get “liberation”, especially in the air services, shopping malls, hotel reception and other work to bring the gospel of women.

“It is a kind of ill-treatment, oppression and slavery to imagine a woman wearing high heels for 10 hours,” a Philippine union union spokesman said. “Forcing women to wear high heels is also sex discrimination because employers often That women who wear high heels will look taller, more attractive, and sell things more efficiently, but they do not know that women are actually suffering.

The Philippine Labor Department also requires companies to ensure that long-term standing or moving staff have a break and provide chairs for them.

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