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Hilary fell off her high heels

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently in the UK to sell their latest autobiography. However, she fell from the steps to the foot, missed the multi-file plan to participate in the British television and radio program interview.

Reported that Hillary originally scheduled to participate, including “female time”, “this morning” and “Graham Norton show”, including a number of programs to promote their latest autobiography. But because of her injury, these three programs have to cancel or delay the recording.

Looking back at the scene, Hillary said: “I am wearing high heels down the stairs, holding a cup of coffee in my hand.I was talking with the people behind, heel stumbled, causing me to fall back.” She said, He tried to stand up, but it was really hurt, she sprained her feet.

“I received great care and treatment,” added Hillary.

“It was going to interview Hillary Clinton,” she said in a social media. “But she fell to her feet.”

“Female time” anchor Gavi had to tell the audience in the program, her star guest program was delayed. Hillary did not finally be able to catch up before the end of the broadcast, appeared on her show.

Hillary received an X-ray check in the afternoon. After that she took part in the Grabham Norton Interview. She wears protective foot shoes when she participates in the program.

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