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Misunderstandings carried by high heels

Comfortable and happy, not flat shoes patent. Focus on elegance and comfort coexist shoes brand tigrisso in this autumn and winter, launched the “elegant line music” series of activities, hoping to unlock those years you and high heels love and hate! Following the release of the last wave of the first wave of activities, this time we invited Dr. Xiao Shun’e to discuss the way for everyone to explain the way to wear high heels tips.

Zhang Ailing once wrote “night, which pair of high heels in accompany me to dance, every time I step on my pain?” Can be seen even if the style such as Zhang Ailing, high heels is still love and hate, love it elegant, sexy love , Of course also hate it uncomfortable. But in fact, not all high heels are “original sin”, the reason why not comfortable, because those high heels is not for you, not because of the tall and tall!

And how to wear a pair of high heels for their own is a “university asked.” Fashion shoes brand tigrisso θΉ€ sheng invited to the foot health is very concerned about Dr. Xiao to come to share with us, on the high heels wearing a Cheats.

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