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Wear clothes more beautifully without skirts

Sports shoes, can give people a feeling of youth, with the same people look very little girl’s skirt, you can make this summer full of vitality! Short skirt length of the best 10cm in the knee position, choose high-waist models, make your legs look slender, slender!

If you feel that you can not hold the short skirt, you can try to knee long skirt, this is very suitable for thighs, calf fine crush ~ who said the elegant intellectual pencil skirt or pleated skirt only suitable for workplace or dating when wearing, in fact you Off high heels replaced by a more comfortable sports shoes, for you to add a different kind of charm, refined to highlight the personality.

The most really wear the combination or to belong to sports shoes + dress. The first try to mix and match style, you can choose their own casual loose dress style.

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