They had a plan, specific objectives. A few years later, did they fulfill their mission? This week, La Presse returns to the ambitions of four large Quebec companies.

BRP was in its second year on the stock market, in 2015, when its leaders launched the “2020 Challenge” to consolidate business growth and financial results.


That year, BRP achieved a turnover of 3.5 billion, then up 10% over one year, and achieved 21% in Canada, 47% in the United States and 32% overseas. sea.

Its net profit had reached 70 million, against 59 million a year earlier. For its shareholders, this represented a profit (adjusted and diluted) in the order of $ 1.65 per share, up 16% over one year.

In 2015, BRP’s activities employed 7,600 people at seven manufacturing sites in five countries: Ski-Doo snowmobiles and three-wheel Spyder motorcycles in Canada (Valcourt); Evinrude nautical motors and components in the United States; Rotax engines, Sea-Doo watercraft and Can-Am small all-terrain vehicles in Mexico; Rotax engines in Austria; Lynx snowmobiles and small all-terrain vehicles in Finland.


Launched in 2015, the “2020 Challenge” at BRP targeted the following five-year main objectives:

– reach 6 billion in revenue;

– achieve (adjusted) earnings equivalent to $ 3.50 per share;

– increase the market share in its niche of small motorized leisure vehicles;

– diversify its market shares by emphasizing product innovation projects and the completion of additional acquisitions.


BRP’s progress since 2015 has proven to be such that by the end of its 2019 financial year, one year earlier than expected, the company was practically guaranteed to achieve the main objectives of its “2020 Challenge”.

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Revenues will reach the 6 billion threshold this year, 70% more in five years. Earnings per share (adjusted) is already forecast “between $ 3.65 and $ 3.80” per share, according to BRP’s most recent presentation to investors and analysts last October. On the stock market, with its shares around $ 60, more than twice as much as five years ago, the enterprise value attributed to BRP has exceeded 5 billion.

Among its main feats of arms, BRP has doubled its sales of Can-Am all-terrain vehicles in five years and doubled its sales of Spyder in two years.

It also regained leadership in the market for snowmobiles and personal watercraft (just over 50% each), in addition to making acquisitions in the boating market.


On this momentum, BRP leaders took advantage of their recent presentation to investors to lift the veil on their next five-year objectives, dubbed “M25”.

For the most part, BRP wants to continue increasing its revenues by 10% per year to 9.5 billion in 2025. It also wants to raise its (adjusted) profit by 15% per year to around 7.50 $ per share.