We all need to emit less CO2 in order to meet climate targets. But how do you get there? Here are some tips to reduce your ecological footprint.

By 2030, the European Commission wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% compared to 1990. It is an ambitious goal which requires efforts on the part of all. For example, car manufacturers must ensure that vehicles with very low emissions (maximum 50 g CO2 / km) represent 40% of total sales by 2030. Even as an “ordinary citizen”, you can help reduction of greenhouse gases.

1. Opt for electric mobility!

Zero emission means of transport are ideal for the city. A brand like SEAT understands this and works on a wide range of electric vehicles . At SEAT, you will find an electric scooter (the eXS KickScooter), an electric scooter (the e-Scooter) and a purely electric city car, the new SEAT Mii electric. This year, the SEAT Tarraco and Leon plug-in hybrids will also be marketed and will be able to run on both electricity and petrol. A CNG (compressed natural gas) car is also an ecological alternative. Did you know that with CNG, you save 25% of CO2 compared to petrol?

2. Eat less meat

Plant-based foods cause less CO2 than animal-based foods (meat and dairy products). The production of one kilogram of meat requires about five kilograms of plant-based food, which means that the meat has a significant environmental impact. So bartering a piece of meat from time to time for a vegetarian or vegan meal certainly helps reduce your ecological footprint. Preferably choose locally produced foods.

3. Save energy

Within your home, you can also take multiple measures to preserve the environment. For example, you can opt for green electricity (from wind or solar energy), or even place photovoltaic panels on your roof. Good insulation of the roof, floor and hollow walls benefits both to reduce your energy bill and to preserve the environment. Finally, with a smart thermostat, you can heat your home more efficiently and cheaply.

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4. Fly less often

Air transport is cheap, but it causes significant CO2 emissions. If you still have to fly, be aware that many airlines allow you to offset your CO2 emissions and fly “climate neutral”. Via a small contribution, you support a forestry or energy project to neutralize the consequences of your trip.

5. Plant a tree

Trees extract CO2 from the air and convert it to oxygen by photosynthesis. Studies show that a tree can absorb twenty to thirty kilograms of CO2 per year. Trees therefore provide additional protection against greenhouse gases. At the Brussels Motor Show – where the new  SEAT Mii electric  debuts – SEAT launched a tree planting campaign. On the stand, you will find a photo booth where you can take crazy photos to print or share with your friends. SEAT then makes a contribution per photo taken in this photo booth.

Driving without direct emissions: discover the new SEAT Mii electric.

What do visitors to the fair think?

Alternative fuels are the theme of this year’s Brussels Auto Show. The choice has never been so wide in this area! But what do visitors know about electric vehicles or CNG? Are they ready to move on to something new? Will they opt for a 100% electric car, a plug-in hybrid car or a CNG car? You can find out in the video accompanying this article, filmed on the SEAT stand.