The president of the Superior council of audio-visual estimates that it is impossible to make finance the French creation by the platforms of videos on demand without modifying in their favor the chronology of the media.

Audiovisual bill, hate content law, or platform regulation, Roch-Olivier Maistre, the president of the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA), outlines his roadmap for 2020, while the The landscape of the sector is undergoing upheaval.

Will you have candidates to head France Télévisions, other than Delphine Ernotte, whose term expires on August 21?

We will publish in early February a notice on the results of the company led by Delphine Ernotte since 2015. We will launch the new call for applications in the first half of March, with a decision in early May. I have no doubt that there are candidates, even if it is a function that will change in nature and that the mandate will be shortened to just over two years. France Media will then be created, the holding company that will oversee public service companies (France Télévisions, Radio France, etc.), the presidency of which can also arouse envy.

Shouldn’t we create a radio pole within France Médias, when Radio France fears being crushed by television?

There are two readings of the law, that at a minimum, which makes France Media a coordinating and strategic steering body, leaving the editorial within companies. And a maximum reading, with a strong centralization at the level of the holding company. It will depend on the personality chosen to chair France Médias. In my opinion, the holding company must leave room for maneuver to the managing directors in the management of companies and preserve the specificity of each media. On the other hand, the holding company is necessary to ensure overall strategic management of the public audiovisual sector.

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Will this new organization preserve the independence of the public service?

The mode of designation of the president by a board of directors, with an assent of the regulatory authority of the audio-visual and digital communication, Arcom, [new identity of the CSA] and the opinions of the parliamentary committees is likely to make respect this independence. As for financial independence, the CSA underlined, in its opinion on the bill, the importance of reaffirming the principle of an affected and perennial revenue to finance the public audio-visual after 2022 and the end of the tax ‘dwelling [with which the charge is taken] . At this time, we are not aware of any government arbitration on this point.