The capitalization of the American auto firm has exceeded $ 100 billion. The stock markets thus welcome its technological advance in the electric and connected car, observes Jean-Michel Bezat, economic journalist in “Le Monde”.

Losses & profits. At the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), Wednesday January 22, Donald Trump distributed the good and the bad points. Boeing, stuck in the case of the 737 MAX nailed to the ground for ten months after two crashes (346 dead), was wearing the donkey cap. “It is a big, big disappointment for me,” he said on CNBC, accusing the aircraft manufacturer of threatening growth and jobs in the United States. Tesla and its whimsical founder, they were entitled to the presidential dithyrambs.

Elon Musk is “one of our great geniuses,” said Trump, when he learned that the capitalization of the Californian car company had crossed the $ 100 billion (90 billion euros) mark on Wall Street. Even if it is still far from the 203 billion Toyota, it exceeds that of the Volkswagen group (VW), number one in the world by registrations, and General Motors and Ford combined. Who would have imagined this in May 2019, when Tesla was worth less than 40 billion and struggled to meet orders for its Model 3?

It’s a good deal for Mr. Musk, who will get $ 346 million if Tesla stays at that level for six months. A simple bonus for an entrepreneur whose Forbes estimates the fortune at 32 billion dollars. Is it such a good deal for Mr. Trump? He said Tesla “will build a very large factory in the United States,” which would add to the historic site of Nevada. But the “great genius” braved the presidential wrath, in the midst of the Sino-American trade war, and is getting closer to its Asian and European markets.

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Space adventure

The first Model 3s came out of its Chinese “gigafactory” in Shanghai at the end of 2019. And its next factory will be built in the suburbs of Berlin – a challenge to the German industry which has been slow to get out of diesel to take the turn of the electric vehicle . In Europe, it has already captured a third of this market. VW boss Herbert Diess was right. If Tesla and its 350,000 vehicles produced in 2019 are worth more than its group, which has released 11 million of its chains, it is because it is a tech company, closer to Apple than to “Das Auto”. And this is the model he wants to impose on the giant of Wolfsburg, convinced that the connected car will be tomorrow “the most important mobile terminal”.