Renault fell Monday on the Stock Exchange, on renewed concern about the future of its partnership with Nissan after harsh criticism from Carlos Ghosn.

“With the subjects we have on the table, things are going well. This alliance is very solid and very robust. She is anything but dead! “ The president of Renault and the board of the alliance with Japanese automakers Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, Jean-Dominique Senard, has sought reassurance in an interview with Belgian daily Le Soir , Tuesday 14th January.

Renault lost nearly 3% on the Paris Stock Exchange on Monday over renewed concern about the future of its partnership with Nissan after fierce criticism from Carlos Ghosn on the current state of the alliance it founded.

“The origin of this type of information”

The Financial Times wrote on Sunday that senior executives of the Japanese automaker had accelerated secret preparations for a possible divorce from the Frenchman in the wake of the Ghosn affair. According to the British newspaper, a complete separation of the engineering and production activities of the two members of the alliance is even under consideration.

“What is written there has no connection with the actual reality of the alliance. I wonder about the origin of this type of information. I am not sure of the benevolence of the origin of these ” , replies Jean-Dominique Senard. We will see “much earlier, this year” , the first results of the new alliance strategy “on the implementation of projects and the credibility of this alliance,” he added.

Nissan, in a statement released Tuesday, said for its part that “the alliance is the source of competitiveness” of the group. “Through this alliance, to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, Nissan will seek to continue to produce win-win results for all member companies.”

“The pride of our country”

Previously a source close to the Japanese group interviewed by Agence France-Presse (AFP) had also denied the information from the Financial Times, believing that it probably came from “a few heartbreaks” within the group “ready to pour out their frustration”.

Restoring confidence between the two groups “will take time”, even if their leaders “are convinced that without the alliance the two companies will go nowhere, added this internal source.

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The French Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, denounced the rumors of divorce between the two groups. “I don’t believe it,” he said on CNews.

“Do not pay too much attention to rumors which are malicious and which only aim to destabilize an industrial group which is the pride of our country.”

The French minister also expressed the wish that the name of the new general manager of Renault be known “within a few days”.