The range of pure electric cars is becoming more and more interesting. The lower prices and longer range of these vehicles make them more accessible to more drivers. But what should you know before going electric?

What electric cars exist?

An electric car is not the other. Basically, there are three types. The first is the two-engine hybrid, where an internal combustion engine is supported by an electric motor. The battery recharges during deceleration. The second is the rechargeable hybrid, where the battery can be recharged directly from the mains. The third type is the pure electric car, with only an electric motor and a battery that you charge via an outlet.

“ The electrification is spreading quickly. SEAT is ready to meet this growing demand , ”said Luca de Meo, President of SEAT. In early 2021, SEAT will launch six new electric and plug-in hybrid models on the market. “ Marks the beginning. With it, we put an affordable electric car on the market . ”This city car makes electric driving accessible to a wide audience thanks to the base price of 21,190 euros. The Mii Electric will be presented in Belgian premiere at the Brussels Motor Show.

What is the range of electric cars?

The batteries of modern electric cars allow a range ranging from 200 to more than 400 kilometers. For most drivers, this is more than enough. The electric Mii, for example, reaches a range of 260 kilometers on a mixed route. Also note that the future SEAT el-Born, a mid-range electric car, will reach around 420 kilometers. The SEAT Tarraco FR PHEV plug-in hybrid can travel more than 50 kilometers in purely electric mode.

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Where can you recharge?

It is estimated that 70% of all recharges take place at home or at work. Under the name Electric D’Ieteren Solutions (EDI), the importer SEAT has developed numerous charging solutions for individuals and professionals. During the Show, EDI advisers will be on the SEAT stand to give you advice.

Gert Van Leeuw, director of SEAT Import, explains: “ For the private customer, the EDI range includes both classic single-phase wallboxes with a charging capacity of up to 7.4 kW, as well as three-phase fast charging sockets, up to ” at 11 kW. Fast chargers with two charging stations of 22 kW each are reserved for professional customers . ”

If you need to charge the vehicle while on the road, a public charging station is the solution. The EDI platform gives you access to a network of more than 100,000 charging stations in 25 European countries.

Does an electric car emit no emissions?

Driving in electric mode means driving without direct emissions. Over its entire life cycle, an electric car is also more durable than a diesel or petrol car (17 to 30% less emissions). ” If the battery is charged with energy produced in a sustainable way, like wind or solar energy, the emissions over its entire life cycle are almost 90% lower than those of a conventional car “, underlines Josep Bons, responsible for electrical and electronic development at SEAT.

Is it expensive to drive electric?

SEAT wants to build electric cars “ for millions of people, not for millionaires ”. The price of electric cars has dropped sharply, the SEAT Mii electric (21,190 euros) proves it. In addition, electricity is much cheaper than diesel or petrol and maintenance costs you only a third of that of a classic car. Finally, there are the tax advantages, both for companies (full deductibility) and for individuals (no registration tax, nor circulation tax in Flanders). The electric line is therefore no longer as expensive.

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What do visitors to the fair think?

Alternative fuels are the theme of this year’s Brussels Auto Show. The choice has never been so wide in this area! But what do visitors know about electric vehicles or CNG? Are they ready to move on to something new? Will they opt for a 100% electric car, a plug-in hybrid car or a CNG car? You can find out in the video accompanying this article, filmed on the SEAT stand.